Subject Offered


The school has the scheme of general studies upto X, all subjects being compulsory. The scheme of elective subjects is introduced from class XI. The subjects for studies upto class X are English, Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/French/Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics and Social Science. The subjects for internal assessment for classes IX and X are Art Education, Work Experience and Physical and Health Education. Art, Work Experience, Moral Education and Music are taught in primary and middle school classes. The medium of instruction in all classes in English for non-language subjects.


Subjects offered for study at the Senior Secondary level:

Science Stream

1. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry with Biology

2. Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry with Computer Science

3. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry with Engineering Graphics.

4. Physics, Chemistry, Biology with Computer Science.

5. Physics, Chemistry, Biology with Marketing.

Commerce Stream

1. Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy.

2. Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy with Computer Science.

3. Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy with Marketing.

Note : For all students, General studies, Work Experience and Physical and Health
Education will be the subjects for internal assessment.

Language Scheme

Classes V to VIII have the following options :

Second Language Third Language
(Third Language will be taught beginning with the letters of the Alphabet)
a) Hindi Tamil / Telugu / Sanskrit / French
b) Tamil / Telugu / Sanskrit / French Hindi
For classes IX & X – Only Second Language.